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The 2009 Season

May 22 - Junction Motor Speedway

A Feature

1) 2m Mike Ganskow
2) 93.5 Jeremy Orlowski
3) 77 Butch Lavicky
4) 42 Jim Sylvester
5) 37 Ronald Stohlmann
6) 99 Chadd Aldich
7) 13 Jeff Ferguson
8) 31 John Ferguson
9) 3 Roger Rowe
10) 33 Andy Aldrich
11) 5 Bobby French

May 28 - US30 Speedway

1) 20 Dan Titus
2) 401 M Hoadley
3) 15 Mike Gotschall
4) 66S Shalk
5) 5 Bobby French
6) M70
7) 65
8) 81 R Ferguson

1) 1 J Orlowski
2) 2M Mike Gansko
3) 42 Jim Sylvester
4) 16 B Wrich
5) V8
6) 58
7) 10
8) 33 Aldrich

6-5-09 Butler County Motorplex

1st Feature:
93.5 Jeremy Orlowski
33 Larry Aldrich
92 Johnny Orlowski III
99 Chad Aldrich
20 Dan Titus
401 Malachy Hoadley
30 Ashley Titus
5 Bobby French
94 Jesse Orlowski
15 Mike Gotschall

2nd Feature:
9 Roger Ruwe
37 Ron Stohlmann
1 John Orlowski Jr.
42 Jim Sylveste
16 Bill Wrich
2m Mike Ganskow
55 Carroll Behlen
66s Bob Schalk
13 Jeff Ferguson
19 Jerry Sperling
31 John Ferguson

June 18 - US30 Speedway
A feature

1) 2M Mike Ganskow
2) 93.5 Jeremy Orlowski
3) 1 J Orlowski
4) 42 Jim Sylvester
5) 13 Jeff Ferguson
6) 66S Shalk
7) 7-11
8) 48
9) 55R
10) 72



The 2007 Season

GOTRA Race Report-- June 23 2007

Seventeen GOTRA cars made it to Park Jefferson Speedway, Jefferson, South Dakota on Saturday the 23rd of June.  

While the afternoon arrival temps were hot, the evening temps and weather were perfect for racing.  The racers all parked together in the north forty of the pits and got to work making the cars race ready.  After the pit meetings,  the heats got underway around 7:30 p.m. on a "damn fine tacky track" according to #54 Rocky Fagen.  The track was in great shape and we were treated well by staff and management at a wonderful facility.

Heat one was fast and went green, white, checkered with #5 Bobby French showing all the rest of (us youngins) how its done.   #30 Dan Titus came in a close second and #97 Glenn Barber was third,  narrowly beating out the #54 Rocky Fagen.

Heat two was also fast and started with the #9 of Rich Anderson taking turn one too high when the guys tried to make it four wide, going off the track and returning in turn two with dust flying.   #77 Butch Lavicky caused a yellow with two laps left to go when his steering broke sending him and the #48 Ron Stohlmann into a spin.  No one was hurt and both cars where able to be repaired and were back on the track for the feature.  #33 Larry Aldrich took first followed by #29 Kenny Ganskow who just overtook the #17 Howard Sheets by a nose at the finish.  After the shaky start, Rich Anderson took fourth. 

The twelve lap feature was exciting, fast and furious with cars bunched up tight for the first four laps until things started to shake out.  #48 of Ron Stohlmann took the solid lead with the only challenger being the #17 Howard Sheets, the two steadily pulling away from the field until #2M Mike Ganskow got too close and took off the bumper of #31 John Ferguson.  This would not have stopped the race but the bumper came to rest right on the outside lane of the track and #54 Rocky Fagen ran over it bringing out the yellow with just two laps to go.  This bunched up the cars again and made it more of a trophy dash to the end.  With the white flag flying, the #9 Rich Anderson overtook the #17 Howard Sheets and the #48 Ron Stohlmann down the backstretch to take first.  With the checkered flag flying, it was the #9, #48, #17, #20, #33 and #97 finishing in places one through six to end the race.  

The night ended with bench racing and hot dogs furnished by our Promoter John Ferguson.

For the Good Ol'  Time Racing Association.  I'm Dennis Witthuhn asking you to please wear your seatbelts and leave the racing to us.

Dennis Witthuhn
1250 East First  Fremont, NE 68025  GOTRA Member


Participants - June 23, 2007 Park Jefferson Speedway, Jefferson, SD

2M Mike Ganskow - Columbus, NE

5 Bobby French - Blair, NE

7B Bob Brewer - Utica, SD

7H Bill Harm - Council Bluffs, IA 

V8 Doug Wilkening - Arlington, NE

9 Rich Anderson - Columbus, NE

17 Howard Sheets - Fremont, NE

20 Kenn McKown - Norfolk, NE

29 Ken Ganskow - Columbus, NE

30 Dan Titus - Norfolk, NE

31 John Ferguson - Fremont, NE

33 Larry Aldrich - Dwight, NE

42 James Sylvester - David City, NE

48 Ron Stohlmann - Ashland, NE

54 Rocky Fagen - Webb, IA

77 Butch Lavicky - David City, NE

97 Glenn Barber - Platte Center, NE



Racing Results ...The 2004 Season


May 14th Butler County Gotra Results from the BCS Website

Bob Harm won the first of three heat races in the GOTRA division. Jesse Orlowski was second, Jeremy 
Orlowski third and Richard Ferguson fourth. Dan Titus won the second heat race with Jim Mills second, Doug 
Johnson third and Bob Schalk fourth. Ron Stohlmann won the final Heat race as Doug Wilkening took second, 
JJ Fritz third and Howard Sheets fourth. 

Doug Wilkening won the GOTRA Trophy Dash win Dan Titus second, Jim Mills third and Ron Stohlmann 

Howard Sheets won the GOTRA A features as Johnny Orlowski III came in second, Carroll Behlen third and 
Doug Wilkening fourth.

Some of the GOTRA family in '99

Gotra can be reached via e-mail at  If you love vintage dirt track racing, contact us and join.

Racers....when you get tired of spending $10,000 bucks to get your '89 Monte Carlo competitive or $20,000 to get to the front with your IMCA modified, consider vintage racing. Build a car to the rules of the nearest group or start your own. Keep the costs down and the fun high and you'll have an enjoyable racing experience!!

The 2003 Season 

Sunday, April 27- US 30 Speedway,  Feature won by #9 Rich Anderson

Saturday, May 3th, NE Raceway Park, Greenwood, Ne. Feature results: 1st- #3 Roger Ruwe  2nd- #29 KEN GANSKOW 3rd- #21 J.J. FRITZ 4th- #9 RICH ANDERSON 5th- #37 RON STOHLMAN

Sunday, May 11- US 30 Speedway, Race 6:30pm, Columbus, Ne., Pits open at 5:00 pm, hot laps at 5:30pm, races start at 6:30pm. RAINED OUT

Friday, May 16- Butler County Speedway, Rising City, Ne. 1/3 mile dirt, Gates open at 6:00 pm, hot laps at 7:15 pm, racing at 8:00. 

Friday, June 6- The Speed Bowl, Red Cloud, Ne.. Results: 1. Rich Anderson, 2. Bob Schalk, 3. John Orlowski III.

Sunday, June 15- US 30 Speedway,  Columbus, Ne.,  Results: Doug Wilkening Clean Sweep! 

Wednesday, June 18- Buena Vista Raceway, Alta, Ia. Feature won by #9 Rich Anderson

Saturday, June 21-  Blackbird Bend Speedway, Onawa, Ia.  Graffitti Night Races. RAINED OUT!

Friday, July 4,  Boone County Raceway,  Albion, Ne.

Friday-Sunday, July 11-13, HOTROD OPEN Montevideo, Mn.

Friday, July 18- Butler County Speedway, Rising City, Ne.   A Feature results: #9 Rich Anderson, #21 J.J. Fritz, #us92 Johnny Orlowski, III, #33 Larry Aldrich, #55 Carroll Behlen



The 2002 Season 


May 4th,2002.. Nebraska Raceway Park was the opener for GOTRA. 22 GOTRA cars joined the 23 World of Outlaw sprint cars for a night of open wheeled racing. Legend cars were on hand as well. The GOTRA feature was won by Roger Ruwe in the #3 car. Rich Anderson in the #9 was 2nd. Steve Delevan in the 12 car was 3rd. Howard Sheets 17 car was 4th and John Orlowski Jr. drove the 1 car to a 5th place finish. It was a green to checker non-stop race night with no restarts. Top ten finishers: 1) 3 Roger Ruwe 2) 9 Rich Anderson 3) 12 Steve Delevan 4) 17 Howard Sheets 5) 1 John Orlowski Jr. 6) 33 Larry Aldrich 7) k2 Michael Lee Thomas 8) 37 Ron Stohlman 9) v8 Doug Wilkening 10) 30 Dan Titus

May 12th, US30 Speedway, Columbus, Nebraska. Rained out.


May 17th, Butler County Raceway, Rising City, Nebraska. 22 cars made it to the track.  GOTRA had 3 heats, a trophy dash and 2 feature races. Steve Delevan had his way all night, winning his heat, trophy dash and the feature. Top ten finishers: 1) 12 Steve Delavan 2) 17 Howard Sheets 3) 6 J.R. Strong 4) 55 Carroll Behlen 5) 21 J.J. Fritz 6) 11 John Busche 7) 31 John Ferguson 8) 66s Bob Schalk 9) 81 Richard Ferguson 10) 48 Kerry Stohlmann

May 18th,2002.. Nebraska Raceway Park . NRP likes us so much that they squeezed us in again.  14 GOTRA cars joined 360  sprint cars for a night of open wheeled racing. Legend cars were on hand as well. The GOTRA feature was won by  Howard Sheets 17 who also won the trophy dash.   Top ten finishers: 1) 17 Howard Sheets 2) 12 Steve Delavan 3) 6 J.R. Strong 4) 66s Bob Schalk 5) 48 Kerry Stohlmann 6) 31 John Ferguson 7) 11 John Busche 8) 55 Carroll Behlen 9) 81 Richard Ferguson 10) k2 Michael Lee Thomas.

May 24th, Eagle Raceway, Lincoln Nebraska. Rained out.

May 26th, US30 Speedway, Columbus, Ne, 23 cars made the show but the races were stopped after the GOTRA "B" feature when mother nature sent another storm our way.

June 16th, US30 Speedway, finally a full night of racing in Columbus. 20 cars made for a good night of vintage racing.  John Orlowski Jr., car #1, won the Trophy Dash.

June 20th, Buena Vista Raceway, Alta, Iowa, Bob Schalk in 66S won the trophy dash which featured a rollover by Bob French.  Bob has joined the GOTRA rollover club!  The "A" feature was rained out.

June 21, Speed Bowl, Red Cloud, Ne., 12 cars made the haul.  Ron Stohlman won the trophy dash.

July 4th, Boone County Raceway, Albion, 14 cars made the show.  Rich Anderson in the #9 car won the trophy dash.

July 5th, Butler County Speedway, 20 cars put on a good night of racing.  J.R. Strong (9) won the trophy dash.  Bill Harm in the 7H, (the old Garfield car) joined the rollover club.  He got up on the berm in 3-4 and that'll do it!  I think that's the same spot Doug Wilkening put his model "A" on it's lid a year or two ago.


Racing Results ...The 2001 Season 


May 27th, US30 Speedway, Columbus, Nebraska. 22 cars made it to the track for the first race of 2001. GOTRA had 3 heats, a trophy dash and 2 feature races. Tony Orender driving the #32 car of Denny Taylor won the trophy dash. I didn't get the 'B' feature results. The 'A' feature appeared to be wrapped up by Steve Delevan ubtil he went too high in the corner and gave Roger Ruwe in the #3 car the opportunity he needed to shoot into first. Roger never looked back. Guy Sheffler in the #69 car finished second. Aside from one nerf bar getting ripped off a car, it was a damage free evening. All in all, a good night of racing.

June 17th at Columbus, Ne. saw 20 cars show up at US30 Speedway.  John ferguson won his heat and Steve Delevan won the trophy dash.  way to go guys!  More results when I get 'em.

The June 20 race at Butler County Speedway, Rising City, Ne. was rained out.  Mother nature was in a bad mood.

June 22nd, Butler County Speedway, Rising City, Ne. , 19 cars made the trip for another eventful night of racing action.  The trophy dash was won by Roger Ruwe #3.  The feature was also won by Roger, with Carroll Behlen #55 second, Tony Scheffler #21 and Dan Franks #00 nearly a dead heat for third.  The Denny Taylor car, #32 lofted the right front wheel into space between turns 1 and 2 in his heat.  Steve Delevan #12 tore up his left front in the feature.  Otherwise we were largely unscathed. 

July 3rd, GOTRA raced at Buena Vista Speedway in Alta, Iowa.  14 cars attended despite a very long tow for most.  #37 Ron Stohlman and #3, Roger Ruwe were heat winners.  THe "A" feature, and a very nice trophy were one by Rich Anderson #9.  Bob French #5, led all but the final lap of the 15 lap race and finished second for the 3rd year in a row!! Larry Aldrich #33 finished third.  John Ferguson joined the rollover club when his #31 Model "A" sedan rolled in turn 1 of his heat. John will begin building a new one.  Again, we don't parade these cars folks!!

July 4th, we put on an all GOTRA show at Avoca, Iowa.  The racing was very close on this small 1/4 mile track.  Dan Franks #00 and Rich Anderson were heat winners, the third I don't have results for.  The "A" feature was won by Dennis HundleyIII in car #111 in a flathead powered coupe.  Rich Anderson #9 nearly nipped Dennis at the flag and came in 2nd.  Larry Aldrich #33 was third.

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