Dick Gappa    



Dick started racing in 1952.  Dick  won the Playland track championship in 1969.  He came out of retirement for a spell but retired again for good after 1971 or so. As far as I know, he didn't race again until he  raced with us in GOTRA, the Good Ol' Time Racing Association.  

He started with GOTRA in '99 I think, he was 68 years old then. .  He won almost every single race he entered.  He kicked our butts every time.  

He always told me, "Danny (he called me Danny), you have to be smooth to go fast,  Smooth wins every time." 

That was Dick Gappa.  Smooth.

Although Dick has passed on, he is still remembered by many Playland fans.

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gappa-69-1.jpg (16769 bytes)   Zdan vs Gappa-1970 at Playland gappa/5-29-72art.jpg (68970 bytes)


Dick in the pits at The Final Sunset race.   Dick at the Final Sunset race.

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